Making the Online Store a Lot More Reliable Through Magento Extension Builder

2Are you aware that a third of the online shoppers in the US don’t like making their purchases online because of fear of credit card data thefts? Such shoppers are not sure about how dependable the payment process is and thus question such retailer security. Also, according to a survey, the respondents do claim to trust PayPal and Amazon the most when it comes to secure online retail payment. Read on magento support

There are many studies which strived to understand the factors influencing consumer behavior when it comes to the online purchase hesitation. A lot of the studies have actually come up with similar results which state that one of the important factors which determine the online shopping hesitation among various other factors, such hesitation at the final payment stage. But, with the trust that a lot of consumers have on PayPal payment gateway, such Magento payment extensions would strive to make sure that the extensions are really linked to the PayPal gateway. Other than PayPal, the Magento has various partnerships as well as certifications with a lot other popular gateways. Those eCommerce owners as well as the online retailers can now earn the trust of the customers through imbibing such exclusive payment gateway modules from Magento into the website or web store.

Such Magento extensions, when it comes to the payment modules, would ensure that all the customer’s online transactions are done in a secure and smooth way. All of the major credit cards and also debit cards are accepted and also supported by such extensions. At no point, do such extensions store any kind of card information anywhere on such system as that is the key priority to be able to pass such PCI compliance problems. Such online store owner can get the authorized payments from the platform’s backend.

Magento extension would make the payment process much less susceptible to fraudulent methods and would also protect the customer’s financial information at any cost. Those merchants as well as store owners have such choice to perform that authorize only functionality or the authorize and capture, respecting the payments made through online at the store. They may then capture the amount from the backend extension. Some extensions would support multi-currency transactions and thus can be adapted on that global platform. Also, such modules would support many key functionalities which are necessary for a safe and smooth payment transaction. View